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Check out what others are saying about the benefits of using the FREE Illinois drug discount card. We are proud of our continued success in satisfying one Illinois resident after the other. Our card helps Illinois' uninsured and under-insured individuals and families save at their favorite pharmacies throughout Illinois and Nationwide as well. Use our convenient Pharmacy Locator to find a participating pharmacy in your neighborhood.

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A Retired Customer
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Illinois Drug Card

We saved 75%!

Retired on
a Fixed Income

Hi, The one I got for my son was used and he received a 66% discount which was a big help since he is presently out of work. I checked on one of my prescriptions and the discount was about 30 %. We are very pleased with the card. Since I don't use a lot of prescriptions per month, paying a monthly premium on one would probably cost me more overall. Since I am retired and am on a fixed income, which is mostly just social security, I really appreciate having the card. Thank you Very Much for making this card available to less fortunate people.








Success Stories
Discount Pharmacy Prescriptions
I use my card at the pharmacy when I buy groceries and must say it is a life saver for me. Thank you.
–MT–  Rockford, IL

Discount Pharmacy Prescriptions
This card ROCKS! I saved over $300 this month. What a blessing!

–CP–  Chicago, IL





** Note: Illinois Drug Card is NOT insurance and is not intended to replace insurance **
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